Bye, blue roses

Teaser Bye, Blue Roses from the freak cabaret circus on Vimeo.

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A contemporary circus –theater show free inspired in Tennessee Williams “The Glass Menagerie”, Directed by Nina Reglero.

Tom and Laura, brothers, fragil as glass, overhelmed by a heavy absorvent obsessed mother. Shine in a new life desire, they dream and look for secretely.

Tom takes care of her younger sister Laura, strangely withered and extremely self conscious, fits perfectly with the “catcher” and “agile” technique.

Laura and Tom hiding dreamers, living a double life outside their cramped family. Their dreams are high as the tissue and trapeze.

Bye, Blue Roses has been awarded with the Best Show Price, Estación Norte section at XIV International Theater and street arts Festival of Valladolid, TAC 2013

Bye, blue Roses is a coproduction between The Freak Cabaret Circus and Rayuela Producciones Teatrales.

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Nuestros Trabajos